Sex On The Wire: Elin Nordegren Learned Nothing From Tiger Woods

• A great gallery of woman making their best blow-job faces. Hey, it’s better than duck-lips. (The Frisky)

• Seasoned critics are shocked that the “hideous” Burlesque made it to The Golden Globes. Well why not? The Golden Globes are pretty hideous themselves. (Celebuzz)

• In Denmark, professors are allowed to be filmed participating in student orgies and somehow keep their jobs. Man, if only the WikiLeaks guy had got caught there. (Nerve)

• A gallery of sexy underwear that you can actually walk around in. (The Gloss)

• Finally, a list of the biggest dicks of the year! (Betty Confidential)

• Once bitten, twice…well you know the rest. Elin Nordegren is ready to remarry after finalizing her divorce from Tiger Woods. (PopEater)

• Guys might suffer more than you think after breakups. We wish. (EmandLo)

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