OSIC: 5 Last-Minute Gifts From The Internet

In the 12 days leading up till December 25th, we’ll be rolling out our “Oh Sh-t It’s Christmas” features.
Okay, you blew it. You had all the time in the world to think of the perfect present for that distant cousin, friend from back home that you barely talked to, or college advisor. And now here they come with a gift certificate to Borders or a homemade tin of cookies and you’ve got nothing. Don’t worry: The Internet is here to help you. With just a couple clicks, you can have a present waiting in these unexpected gift-giver’s Inbox before they can say “Well, you can get me something next year.”

We’ve arranged these iGoodies based on the personalities of those you may have overlooked on your Santa list. Luckily, a lot of them won’t dig deep into your wallet.

For the Humanitarian: An online donation in their name.
There are some great sites to help you pick which charity to donate to this holiday season, and making a donation in someone else’s name is like giving twice over! Just make sure the site is reputable before you swipe your credit card: JustGive.org and DonorsChoose are both great places to start.

For the Single Guy (or Gal): A tailor-made profile to an off-beat dating site.
Okay, so this has to be done with some tact, so it doesn’t look like you’re telling your friend that they’re a lonely sad-sack. But AdoptAGuy.com has some great “holiday gift guide” tips that won’t cost you a penny, and will make it seem like you spent a lot of time researching just what type of dude to “get” your single gay pal. The “Executive” category is for your friend who is too career-oriented to go on first dates, or try “celeb lookalikes” for your bud who is a wannabe star-boner. Best part? You don’t have to create an in-depth profile for your friend, so they won’t feel like you gave their personal stats out to creepy dudes on the web.

For the Web Geek: An Xtranormal Video

Sorry! This video is no longer available.

Dude, these Xtranormal videos are this year’s Someecards. Personalize it, and it’s worth more than any stupid Starbucks gift certificate (excluding any over $50.)

For the Social Networker: An invite to About.Me
About.Me is like buying your own website to post all your crap, except it’s free. You can keep it simple and have it just be your personal bio, or add your Twitter feed, Flickr pages, and any other web-ccessory that you’d like people to see. You can also track your “personal analytics” which will be like crack for any budding web-celebrity. Right now it’s still in Beta, which means you need an invite to join. Sign up your friend now, and they’ll get an access code that much faster!

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