Contest Results: And Computer Engineer Barbie Goes To…

A week ago, the new Computer Engineer Barbie made a surprise appearance at the Crushable office and changed our lives (and the ratio*) forever. In an effort to spread the holiday cheer, we asked you to name your favorite Barbie from your childhood for a chance to win the newest member of the tech workforce.

Well, we’ve sifted through the many entries and found our favorite. Read below to find the winning comment!

From Crushable reader Jess:

I would say my *favorite* Barbie is the one I carried with me through high school (until she was stolen, but later returned) and took to college is a mash-up Barbie. It’s a Hula Hair Barbie (orange/pink hair), wearing her bikini top, Workin’ Out Barbie’s suction-cup shoes, and another Barbie’s pink sweatpants. Her hair was awesome, and with her purloined shoes, she could walk almost anywhere! Since she had bendy-limbs, she could fit in my purse, and when I was bored in class, oh hey look it’s Barbie! She needs to learn math too…

Congrats Jess! You won us over with your creativity in Barbie style (we totally want a pick of the mash-up Barbie!). Not to mention what must have been your unending struggle with the doll to get her to pay attention in math class, a subject that Teen Talk Barbie once famously vocalized against.

*…Of female to male dolls working in Linux.

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