The X Factor’s New King

After months of grueling auditions, tempers, tantrums and trial by celebrity jury, The X Factor culminated yesterday to crown 27-year-old Matt Cardle winner of the much coveted prize.

Scrubbing up exceptionally well in a double breasted stone number, Matt blew the audience and judges away with his distinct voice and remarkable vocal range. Seeing off impressive contender Liverpudlian Rebecca Ferguson, the undeniable highlight was his rendition of ‘Unfaithful’, a Rihanna duet which was simply breathtaking.

Being known as the nicest of the X Factor contenders, Matt’s reputation for his down to earth personality was cemented by Simon Cowell himself, who remarked: “Matt’s one heck of a nice guy”. Currently darling of the media and mentored by Dannii Minogue, the future looks bright for the newbie on the block. As the former painter and decorator from Essex hangs up his paintbrushes indefinitely, he will be concentrating on life after the X Factor. Having secured a £1million recording contract with the potential to earn up to £5million via promotional and advertising next year alone, money doesn’t seem to be that much of an issue for the newly crowned King of the X Factor. Earlier this morning, Matt gushed his appreciation for his mentor, and said he wanted to buy Dannii a gift for all her support (told you he was a nice guy).

The gargantuan popularity of The X Factor is plain to see. Watched by an audience of nearly 20million, it makes for a formidable platform where dreams are made and broken in the name of entertainment. It is however, heart warming to see Matt’s progress over the past few months to his current in demand, star status. As Matt is now odds-on favorite for the enviable Christmas number one, I wish him all the success he deserves. Way to go Matt.

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    • U.Gohil

      Loved his duet with Rihanna (still think Rebecca should have won though)…

    • Bhavna

      We love Matt here – fabulous voice, he’s destined for great things, I am sure.