Jon Gosselin Now Cold-Calling Frats For ‘Green’ Property Management

What happens to someone after they’ve dropped from the reality show radar? John Gosselin answered that question at UPenn today when he showed up on campus making cold-calls to fraternities in an effort to drum up support for some property management initiative.

Under the Button (run by our former intern and current contributor Hillary Reinsberg) got the scoop:

Wearing his typical bucket of hair gel, “douchey yellow Oakleys,” and mentioning that “he had been on TV” was apparently supposed to convince administrators to switch over to Global Green Property Services.

Door to door salesman is a perfect fate for Gosselin, though that whole “green” dynamic sort of lends this otherwise totally depressing story an ironic Franzien quality, don’t you think?

Also: how do we get Jon Gosselin to come to our school?? We’ve heard he’s been on TV!

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