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The Daily WTF: Tron-Inspired Hotel

The Daily WTF: Tron-Inspired Hotel

Man, this photo of a Tron-inspired ice hotel makes us want to travel all the way to Sweden just to spend a night inside one of its rooms. It looks so awesome and snuggly! (Although we bet there are a lot of people out there who’re upset it doesn’t come with Olivia Wilde.) Check out a whole gallery of the insane hotel here. More »

Choice Quotes And Prostitute Pranks From ‘Hookers: Saved On The Street’

Choice Quotes And Prostitute Pranks From 'Hookers: Saved On The Street'

Last night was the premiere of Investigation Discovery’s new show Hookers: Saved on the Strip. And boy was it terrible! Not even in a hilarious way, but in a way that was just boring and sort of depressing. Sadface emoticon!

The show revolves around Annie Lobert, an ex-prostitute who founded Hookers for Jesus, a Las Vegas safe house that rehabs sex workers. Last night’s ep introduced us to a woman named Regina who’d been hooking for over a decade before deciding to get out of the game. As Regina hopped around from minimum wage job interview to minimum wage job interview, we began to get the impression that she has absolutely no skills — or even interests — whatsoever. More »

Baby Mama Drama: Christinna From ’16 And Pregnant’ Says Isiah Beat Her

Baby Mama Drama: Christinna From '16 And Pregnant' Says Isiah Beat Her

The drama surrounding Christinna Renee Robinson‘s episode of 16 And Pregnant continues. Yesterday, we spoke with Kathleen Green, Christinna’s grandmother-in-law, who accused Christinna of stealing belongings from the apartment she shared with her husband Isiah. And now Christinna has accused Isiah of beating her.

This sounds like the kind of drama that could rival Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood. More »

Exclusive: ‘Cash Cab’ Contestant Nick Rizzo Explains Why The Show Is (Sort Of) Fake

Exclusive: 'Cash Cab' Contestant Nick Rizzo Explains Why The Show Is (Sort Of) Fake

If you’re anything like us, every time you hail a taxi in New York there’s a tiny part of you that secretly hopes it’s going to be the Cash Cab. You heart skips a beat as you look inside the car hoping to see Benjamin Bailey‘s grinning face. But it’s never him. And it never will be — because Cash Cab is a fake! Well, sort of.

As detailed in an A.V. Club article, Cash Cab scouts for contestants who are likely to do well with trivia questions and tells them they’re going to be featured on some (non-Cash Cab) reality show. We got Crushable pal (and one-time contributor) Nick Rizzo, who was a contestant on the show (he won $1700!), to detail his experience in the magical taxi: More »

Meet The Cast Of MTV’s ‘Inbetweeners’

Meet The Cast Of MTV's 'Inbetweeners'

What’s Inbetweeners? It’s a new MTV show that’s been described as Superbad meets Freaks and Geeks. Inbetweeners is based on a series from the UK that tells the story of a group of kids who aren’t quite cool but also aren’t quite losers (aka most people). MTV just announced the show’s cast yesterday, so let’s meet the four boys who will star in what already sounds like the best show ever.
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Dear Everyone: Can We Talk About The Lack Of Condoms In Every Movie Ever?

Dear Everyone: Can We Talk About The Lack Of Condoms In Every Movie Ever?

There’s been an unusual amount of talk about missing condoms this week. First Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in Sweden because of a broken condom. And now we’ve learned that porn star Derrick Burts has tested positive for HIV because the porn industry is institutionally opposed to using condoms.

But there’s another part of the film industry that is opposed to using condoms: mainstream Hollywood movies. Of course, the actors in those films aren’t actually exchanging fluids on camera. But they are sending messages about sex. And this one is loud and clear: sexy adults don’t use condoms.
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Update: ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Did Not Steal A Funny Or Die Video, Has Never Stolen Anything

Update: 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Did Not Steal A Funny Or Die Video, Has Never Stolen Anything

Yesterday, we reported the modern-day Prince and Pauper tale of a pair of similar Beaver parody videos: One, a humble Funny or Die web piece and the other a segment from ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Both intercut the trailer with chioce portions of Mel Gibson‘s infamous phone calls to Oksana Grigorieva. Our interview with the Funny or Die video’s creator led us to believe that his idea may have been thefted by Jimmy and co., but the show’ co-head writer, Gary Greenberg, cleared the rumor up:

“While it may seem implausible that more than one party could conceive such a groundbreaking idea simultaneously, that is the case. In fact, five of our nine writers pitched the identical idea. We have never stolen anything from anyone.”

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Video: Jimmy Fallon As Justin Bieber

Video: Jimmy Fallon As Justin Bieber

You know, Jimmy Fallon has no right to make fun of Justin Bieber. They both have the same morning-intensive blow-out regime. They both are mildly talented but annoyingly over-exposed. And they both inexplicably annoy me with their ubiquitous Twitter presence. That being said, Jimmy Fallon does a great Justin Bieber impression. More »