Wanna Know Who Wins The New ‘Bachelor’?

Reality Steve is not a man who takes ending up on the cutting room floor lightly. The reality tv blogger filmed some commentary for an E! Bachelor special earlier this year, but was cut from the final version. And this week, as retribution, he has proceeded to give away just about everything that happens on the upcoming season of The Bachelor, including which girl takes home the final rose.

The Bachelor: Then and Now debuted a week ago on Wednesday, and all of Reality Steve’s commentary was cut. Weirdly, it was replaced by very similar opinions voiced by TV Divagal Delaina Dixon.

Steve tells Reality Blurred:

“I haven’t spoken to E! yet but it’s obvious what happened. The mandate came down from ABC to get me off that show. Which is fine. They don’t like me because I ruin their show for everyone.”

And now Steve’s shown them. He’s posted a massive summary of the entire upcoming season of The Bachelor, even though the show won’t air for weeks.

According to Steve:

“The minute the powers-that-be in the “Bachelor” franchise had me removed from that “E!” special back in July, and still to this day I’ve never been given an explanation from anyone as to why, it was on like donkey kong.”

Now the question remains? Will people watch Brad Womack‘s season of The Bachelor if they already know the outcome? Reality Steve has been wrong before, but he’s got extensive info on this season, and much of it is likely to stick. ABC generally takes the approach that leaks just constitute “more promotion.”

But clearly someone who works on The Bachelor franchise is upset with Reality Steve. And he’s just given them a lot more reason to be pissed.

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