Gleek Of The Week: ChristmasGlee!

Now before we start getting all dewy-eyed and reindeer-nosed about this week’s heartwarming episode, I would like to point out several fundamental flaws in our New Directions attitudes toward the Yuletide in this very special episode of Glee. Then on to our (pretty obvious) Gleek of Week.

1) Artie finds out Brittany still believes in Santa Claus. Instead of doing nothing, and letting her continue to live in Brittany-land (where Dr. Pepper is a dentist), he convinces everyone to join in on this hair-brained scheme of making sure Brittany doesn’t find out Santa Claus isn’t real. Well this is just unnecessary, and of course backfires. Brittany has only barely managed to live the 16 years of her life (give or take) without getting run over by a truck or accidentally getting her head stuck in something permanently, and the flip side of that is the girl believes whatever the hell she wants. She doesn’t need your help Artie to believe in imaginary creatures, so what’s the problem?

2) Since when do the New Directions all get together and sing Christmas songs? Wasn’t there just an episode about how the students’ different religious belief almost tore them apart (through song) when Kurt’s dad was in a coma? But suddenly Rachel Berry and Puck love singing Christmas carols more than a Hanukkah jingle? I’m not buying it.

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    • abcdefg

      I also didn’t buy that Rachel would keep her big Jew mouth shut and sing Christmas songs all jolly like she was totally into it. As a Jew myself, I am disappointed that all she did to stand out was wear blue instead of red and green. I bet she has a damn Hanukkah Bush in her living room too.