Sex On The Wire: Sleeping with T.I.

• Wikileaks creator Julian Assange has been jailed in Sweden for sex without a condom. That’s a crime now. (The Gloss)

• Designer Tom Ford doesn’t want overweight girls to leave anything up to the imagination. (The Frisky)

• Single Girls Society: It’s like The First Wives Club, but without Bette Midler or Goldie Hawn singing “You Don’t Own Me.” (College Candy)

• Here are less than 20 good reasons to sleep with T.I. Conjugal visits, anyone? (Betty Confidential)

Ashton Kutcher is going to sue Vivid for releasing a sex tape with his name on it. Wait till he finds out he’s being Punk’d. (TMZ)

Penis snow sculpture becomes a meme. (Nerve)

• “I have a headache” is the one of the top lies that women tell men, according to Dr. Phil. “This is my last drink,” is one of the top man lies. (AOL Health)

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