Video: ‘Teenage Dream’ Duet With Katy Perry And Darren Criss

We are very interested in Glee‘s newest Warbler, Darren Criss, who plays the object of Kurt’s affection and the New Direcions main rival, Blaine. His character thus far seems motivated by good intentions, something that Ryan Murphy is usually quick to reveal the true cynism behind. But so far, so Blaine.

But maybe that’s just because we were so entranced with Darren’s cover of Katy Perry‘s “Teenage Dream,” which he performed again last night for the Trevor Project. And guess who made a surprise appearance on-stage? Miss Katy Perry herself!

Sorry for the poor video quality, but if you want to imagine what Darren and Katy look like while singing, here are their individual Teenage Dream videos.



Which version do you like better?And is Darren gay in real life? Just askin’.

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