Gallery: Sparkles, Sequins And Carrot Top Prevail At The American Country Awards

Wait, didn’t we just have the American Country Awards several weeks back? Oh, that was the Country Music Awards? Well what about last week…oh, that was the American Music Awards, that’s right. Thank god for Google Calendar or I’d never get any of this straight.

Though this ceremony did distinguish itself in ways the CMAs failed to. Sure, there was the usual amount of tassels masquerading as the bottom parts of dresses, and men wearing inappropriately casual Ed Hardy shirts. But did the other music award shows have both Carrot Top and famed illusionist Criss Angel? I rest my case, good sir. Sir, I said I rest my case! Now be a good lad at fetch me some of those Uncle Krackers.

By the way, Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum won all the awards, so it really wasn’t that much different from the CMAs after all.

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