Angelina From The Jersey Shore Lashes Out At The Only People Who Like Her

There’s a fine line between entertainingly confrontational and criminally violent. At least that’s what we’re learning with the cast of MTV’s hit show The Jersey Shore. Earlier this week, we learned that Angelina failed to show up at a celebrity boxing event in Atlantic City because she got into an altercation before she was scheduled to appear. Now it looks like she drunkenly freaked out on a fan who wanted a photo.

Last month, Angelina released a single succinctly titled “I’m Hot.” We actually thought it was pretty catchy. Until Angelina started singing. That release seems to have gone to her head.

According to Celebrity Magnet:

“About thirty minutes before showtime, she finally appeared and tried to bring her underage sister into the event, where alcohol was served. According to Feldman, when a fan asked the wanna-be rapstar for a photo, Pivarnick went full diva, saying that she was ‘a star,’ and shouldn’t waste her time on ‘any of this.’ It ended up with the hotel staff having the Atlantic City police haul her away, although she was not arrested.”

There goes Angelina’s “bad editing” as an excuse for why she seemed so terrible on MTV’s hit show. At what point is she going to learn that cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame is a lot harder when you lash out every time someone actually wants to see you?

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