Are Jaden And Willow Smith Actually Weirdly Down-To-Earth?

In a somewhat surprising move given their newcomer status, Jaden and Willow Smith were named to Entertainment Weekly’s list of the year’s top entertainers. The two come in 15th, which is a number not quite as low as their ages. In their interview with the mag, the Smiths talk performing, fame, and regular kid stuff — and come off sounding far more normal and down-to-earth than seems possible for being thrust into the spotlight at such a tender, young age. (Jaden’s 12 and Willow’s only 10.) The sibs also seem totally supportive of each other, which is rare for any brother/sister set. When asked about his own career successes, Jaden praised his little sis:

“I kind of knew that Willow was going to be big. But she took a little bit longer to realize that.”

The youngsters on fame:

Jaden: I think the best part is the fans and the worst part is the fans. When you’re at premieres, it’s really nice to know they think you’re a talented artist. But when you’re trying to hang out with friends and they come up to you, it’s weird.

Willow: Remember that girl who ran up to you with a bloody arm?

Jaden: Yeah. Oh my gosh. She was like, “I fell and cut myself, but can I have your autograph?” I was like, “Do you have a pen?”

Willow: She was like, “Sign it with blood.”

And hey, they totally do regular kids stuff too! EW wanted to know which of the siblings got into trouble more. Jaded catches flack from Mom and Dad for playing too many video games. And Willow?

“I get in trouble for eating whipped cream right out of the container. Bad to the bone!”

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