Video: Robert DeNiro Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’

Last night Robert DeNiro and Diddy took the stage for Saturday Night Live‘s best episode of the season. Meet the Fockers not withstanding, Robbie isn’t exactly known for his acting chops (see: Jimmy Fallon‘s late night premiere with “Space Train“), but with the help of some of our favorite standout characters, the Scorsese star killed it. Here are our favorite sketches of the night:

Vinnie interviews DeNiro, featuring the deer from Deerhunter:

“What’s Up With That” featuring Robin Williams (I liked the deer better):

Movie Fan: DeNiro meets Meet the Fockers biggest fan, featuring Ben Stiller. Brilliant because it’s the opposite of those Chris Farley sweaty fan interviews.

Obligatory Diddy sketch:

And here’s what happens when you let Robert DeNiro try to be funny all by himself (painful opening) in “Mr. Produce”:

Aaaand the best part of any episode, the digital short, “Party At Mr. Bernard’s,” a great Weekend at Bernie’s send-up. Timely!:

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