Brazil Officially Run By Clowns (And Mimes)

I don’t know much about Brazil, since I have never been there. But based on what I’ve seen from movies, it’s a Orwellian totalitarian state where Robert DeNiro fixes your pipes. J/k, Carnival is in Brazil! The whole country just wants to have fun, and they even elected an illiterate clown (not like our last president, but like an actual clown) into Congress this September. Unfortunately, some buzzkills were trying to rain on the parade and prevent someone who could not read or write from taking a federal job.

Tiririca” (real name Francisco Silva) is be beloved by all, but prosecutors were trying to stand in the way of taking office, just because he couldn’t read! Luckily, yesterday the courts officially ruled that Francisco was passibly literate, even though he had "trouble writing." Yay!

And who are we to judge? After all, Levi Johnston is running for mayor of Wasilla. But what's disturbing about this precedent in public policy is that it reminds me of a story I heard not so long ago, about a successful American CEO of a major company telling a dinner party that the way to eradicate traffic problems in Brazil was to replace traffic cops with street mimes. At the time, this person seemed like a loony, and I thought it was little more than a clever anecdote. Now with Francisco in office, he might decide to go the way of Columbia's 2004 initiative to actually instate these silent enforcers to keep our streets safe.

What do you think? Could you ever take a clown seriously, whether he was telling you about tax cuts or writing you a traffic ticket?

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