Daily WTF: Justin Bieber’s Mustache

Have you ever wondered what Justin Bieber looks like with a mustache? Well, wait no longer. Last night in London, the Biebs took a marker to his face and drew on a jaunty pencil mustache.

Why? We don’t know. We’re not Bieber-readers. However! The Daily Mail says Bieber had a temper tantrum last night in London.

“The Baby singer acted more like a six-year-old last night while dining at upmarket Mayfair restaurant La Porte Des Indes.

Just a teenage boy: Justin Bieber acted like just a regular immature youngster as he left upmarket Indian eatery La Porte Des Indes last night

Perhaps the tween hearttrob would have preferred a Happy Meal at McDonalds over the exclusive Indian eatery, as he kept himself occupied with remote control toys and pranks.

Emerging from the restaurant with his huge bodyguard, Bieber was sporting a drawn-on moustache on his upper lip.

He was also playing with a remote-controlled helicopter, which onlookers say he flew into his minder’s head as the burly staff member attempted to guide him into the car.”

That doesn’t sound like a huge temper tantrum to us, but what do we know?

This: my new fake band name has been decided. And it’s going to be: Justin Bieber’s Mustache.

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    • http://totaljerkface.com Zak Pearle

      Looks like he won’t ever hit puberty cuz he was made in a tube with britanney spears and other gay ass retards

    • sandy

      He was on a talk show with John Waters and complimented him on his ‘tashe at which point John took out a magic marker and told him to go for it! LOL

    • sexy shernelle

      i love jb but he should not have done that and all the haterz who think he is gay he is not you are ALL JUST JELOS:-)

      • Henk

        He is gay.

      • Appie

        Haha you’re right!