Crush Links: Britney Beat Down Audio Tapes Are Fake?

The audio tape of Britney Spears getting beat up by her boyfriend is so obviously fake, according to her camp. Duh, everyone. Like that would never happen? (celebuzz)

Meanwhile, her ex Jason Alexander released more audio of Britney talking about getting beaten up. Which doesn’t really sound like her. (Radar)

Michael Cera is in a band. How emo. The actor played bass for the band Mister Heavenly this week and may join their West Coast tour. (Pitchfork)

Channing Tatum is joining Jonah Hill in the cast of 21 Jump Street. But there can be only one Johnny Depp! (HR)

Watch out Mexico. Madonna has opened a gym called Hard Candy Fitness. The slogan? “Harder Is Better.” (JustJared)

Ok. So this is why famous stars don’t usually date stage help. This week, Christina Aguilera‘s name got  plastered all over the website of her new boyfriend Matt Rutler‘s band. (TMZ)

Tax evasion is a slow sentence. Wesley Snipes has finally been ordered to jail after he admitted he evaded paying taxes for six years back in 2008. (AP)

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