’16 And Pregnant’ In-Laws Threaten To Sue MTV

Well, there’s another reality star using the “bad edit” excuse. This time its one of the parents from “16 And Pregnant.” Kathleen Green, the grandmother-in-law of this week’s teen mom Christinna Robinson, is unhappy with the way she was portrayed on the show. Which makes sense. She was horrible! But does she have a case?

Kathleen, the grandmother of Christinna’s former husband Isiah, was relentlessly aggressive with Christinna on the show this week. She came off like a horrible person, blaming Christinna for the entire pregnancy and accusing her of getting pregnant by another man. But she now claims that MTV edited the video to make her look bad, and left out key information.

According to TMZ:

Kathleen says she’s particularly upset with a scene involving a DNA test she bought for Christinna — claiming she came off as a cold-hearted bitch because MTV left out one key detail — “They didn’t show that [Christinna] had told us she had had sex with some other guy.”

That sounds fair, except why would MTV delete that key detail? It’s not like they refrain from making their teen moms look bad in the series. But of course the narrative is going to follow Christinna’s story and not hers.

Kathleen does realize the show is called “16 and Pregnant,” not “The Nice, Upset Grandmother In Law Of A Tramp,” right?

There’s also the fact that Christinna has consistently said that Isiah was her first sex partner. And on her former Formspring page, she has said that she doesn’t plan to have sex again until she’s married.

Maybe Christinna’s lying. But during her screen time on MTV’s show, she was also adamant that she never slept with someone else.

It sounds like Kathleen Green is suffering from the problem that afflicts many reality villains. She didn’t realize how terrible her words sounded when she spoke them. But there’s no taking it back now.

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    • premarital sex is for losers

      The Grandmother is right, most young girls are hoes anyway. So she needs to get the test done, WTF is she trying to hide.

    • James

      Grandma is an evil woman… her comments on the MTV blogs before the show aired showed her to be a foul mouthed vile ghetto attitude individual.. I’m sure her treatment of that girl was worse than what we even saw… I also heard that she took the DNA test for them later on but Grandma and her family didn’t want to pay for the results.. which seems v strange as they claimed to be so concerned the baby wasn’t their sons… or were they just that broke??? My guess is they are just evil and fake…. Grandma said the baby looked just like her at the hospital, then tries to lead her family in embarassing the girl at the dinner table into taking a DNA test??? She really thinks its her place to do that while her grandson sits by and does nothing… he was a real punk and didn’t stand up for his wife… Grandma made herself look bad…. MTV didn’t have to do anything.. she did it all by herself….

    • Michelle

      That is the problem with so many black women today! Always so quick to tear each other down. Most men, especially black men walk away from women when they are pregnant! Instead of supporting isiah for sticking with her, they are in his ear telling him to leave her! They are a bunch of evil and ugly haters! They are just mad because they missed out on possible money if isiah would have been successful with his football. He didn’t have to give up. He could have checked to see if there was family housing on campus. She can still continue to go to school if she looks into online classes if her school offers it….

    • Courtney

      The grandmother could have asked for a DNA test in a reasonable way. No matter what reasons she had, the way she approached it leaves no doubt that she’s a BITCH. She ambushed the girl at a dinner table and basically accused her of being a cheater. If she wanted to be sure that’s one thing, but she showed her true colors in the way she went about asking for one.

    • Miss Jai

      MTV did not portray her anyway, she did that to herself. I am certain she is the same way in person. Keep the baby AWAY from her!!

    • Livelife

      The grandmother is lying. She was so mean to Christinna on the episode. In that scene Christinna plainly says that she had never had sex with any other guy. And even if she did, MTV would not leave that part out.

    • kATE

      I think that the Grandmother just wants to make a quick money any way possible. She thought her grandson was going to go Pro with that football scholarship in College and that was her meal ticket. She blamed Christina for ruining that. She saw the opportunity to get rich quick again by suing MTV. She needs to quit with her get rich quick schemes, mind her own business and let her grandson learn for himself and handle his family problems by himself. Support/coach him and not dictate him on what to do. She needs her own man/husband to worry about. Obviously no man can deal with her money hungry loud mouth ass.