Gleek Of The Week: Sex-Tionals, Anyone?

Well this week’s Glee didn’t disappoint, unless you were a super big fan of watching Rachel and Finn solo. Yeah, what? Instead of giving the most important songs to his golden (brunette) singers, the Schuester decides to switch it up a little, and gives “Time of My Life” to Quinn and Sam. Say whaaaa? Welcome to Gleek of the week, everyone!



This week’s winners would definitely be Blaine, and the entire cast of the Warblers, for “Hey Soul Sister,” which they killed. Even Kurt’s weird facial expressions couldn’t destroy how awesome of a song that was. But just like sectionals ended in a tie, so did the Warlbers have to share their win with…
Brittany, Asian Mike, Santana and the rest of the unusually visible New Directions: You go, girlfriends!


Kurt and Mr. Schue: For their faces, the entire episode.

Rachel and Finn: I hate when characters on television feel the need to be unrelentingly honest with each other. High school students are amazing liars, and usually don’t feel the need to air out every possible indiscretion. The back and forth of who slept with who this episode reeked of TVwonderland, and that’s dangerous. Soon we’ll be asking why mommy and daddy can’t be as honest as Lea Michele and Cory Montieth. Yikes.

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