5 Facts About 16 And Pregnant’s Christinna Renee Robinson

Like most of the girls on this season of 16 And Pregnant, Christinna Renee Robinson was a good student and planning to go to college – until she got pregnant. Things got turned around pretty quickly after that, especially because her mother left the Alabama town where they lived and returned to New York. On last night’s episode, Christinna had to deal with her pregnancy, her baby daddy and some pretty opinionated in laws. So what else do we know about MTV’s latest teen mom? Let’s find out!

1. Having a baby might have killed Christinna’s dreams. But they really ruined her boyfriend’s.
When she got pregnant, Christinna had just graduated high school a year early and was planning to become an English teacher some day. She is still planning on that, but it’s going to take much, much longer than planned. However, her boyfriend Isiah had a college scholarship to play football. And instead of going to school, he got a job in a sandwich shop. Ouch. That’s pretty rough. Dreams of playing in the NFL are just one of those things that can’t be put off for a few years while you raise a child.

2. She is divorced.

That might be one of the reasons that Christinna and Isaiah are no longer together.  She was pregnant at prom, but they really only found out she was pregnant on his 18th birthday.

They were only dating for eight months when she got pregnant. His family didn’t know about it. And they don’t approve of their relationship. So, the couple snuck off and got married by themselves. Which did not please Isiah’s family.

3. Christinna was a virgin when she met Isiah. And she thinks premarital sex is a sin.

Isiah seems to be the only man that Christinna has had sex with. She’s stated that repeatedly on her Formspring and also during the show last night. And it looks like that might continue for awhile.

There are more than a few girls on Christinna’s Formspring who seem to think that having sex a few times without a condom has proven they can’t get pregnant. To whom she gives some good advice. And then informs them that premarital sex is a sin. Oops.

well 1st off anyone who has sex unprotected sex on a consistent basis for a year has a 90% chance of getting pregnant. you should wait to have sex because pre marital sex is a sin. god knows that teenagers arent ready to have sex & that its not healty to sex sex with multiple partners thats why we ask told to wait. if your not ready to have a child then your not ready to have sex & if your not smart enough to use protection then your not ready either.

4. Isiah’s grandmother is crazytown.

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    • Camilia

      My only comment on this whole TV episode, is that I have to prevent my daughter to think that getting pregnant at 16 is cool. No offense to MTV, because I love the reality shows, however all this is promoting pregnancies to get famous on TV. Now in regards to Christanna, I feel like yes Isaiah family was quick to throw the blame on her for getting pregnant, however it does take 2 to conceive a child. He didn’t throw his life away, anything is still possible with the right support from families and mentors. But portraying him as a angel and just blaming her is wrong. Now I’m not taking sides either, because her mom should of been the type of strong woman to take her daughter back with her,but she didn’t. She left a minor with her boyfriend/husband with baby in route. I can see her wanting to be married to her baby father. Who doesn’t dream about the American Dream? Whether she was promiscious before, doesn’t change the fact that there is a baby in route. In terms of the grandmother, yes I feel she was a little bit more outspoken than Isiah mom. And Usually the head of the family would always be the voice of the family. The reality is, when we have children we want nothing but the best, and this was something that no one could control. I think that they both are equally to be blamed for this chaos. And the only person who will suffer would be the baby.

    • Alexis

      @Kathleen: I can see where you are coming from with the DNA test, but the way that you went about it was immature and rude. You are an adult. Act like one. As for how you say MTV edited it and did not show how they had to go on welfare, you had to co-sign, could not make rent, you are right they should have shown that. Because it would make the point more clear that pregnancy at such a young age is difficult.
      But as for Isiah having to cook and clean for himself…oh what a pity. That sounds so ridiculous. He is completely capable of that himself. Where I live, most boys and girls do their own laundry and can easily make some food in the microwave or soup on the stove. It is not difficult. He was not inconvenienced by these things.
      Also, for you to bring Christinna’s mother into this? Thats even more childish. As Kay said, MTV may have edited out a lot, but they can not edit words into your mouth. You have shown on this website that you are exactly who they portray you to be. If anything you seemed nicer on TV.

    • Nelly

      Oh please! Everyone let me remind you of one fact. None of you know them. Let’s be serious. The grandma is an idiot everything she’s says is a croc of shit to me based on the way she carries herself. How can you take a woman who ignores people at a dinner table seriously. I’ve known christinna fir many years and recently met isaiah. They are both wonderful young people who BOTH made a bad decision. Thank god he got away from that horrible family he has. He didn’t have a chance to make his own decisions with his Gma whispering in his ear constantly. Grandma, get a life. So sorry Isaiah is not in the NFL so he can’t get rich and make your pathetic life better.

    • what is WRONG with these people

      wait tell me if i am wrong isnt isaih crowell a georgia bulldog???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Livelife

      I am so sick of hearing about people saying poor Isiah for having to give up his scholarship. First of all, he had an equal part in making Destiny. Secondly, he should do whatever he has to provide for that precious little girl. If he has to give up his scholarship and get a job, he SHOULD do it. And third, Christinna has said that his scholarship wasn’t even for that much an it was a tiny school so the chances for him actually going pro? Yeah right.

    • Tina

      Well I liked the show I don’t belive that that girl was doing all that…..if that’s true why the fuck would he marry a ho? she didn’t put a gun to his head I had my first baby at 18teen and it was not easy it takes two not one. to get pregant.

      • honesty

        i think that true but some thing just happen and some times everything doesnt go down as people make it seem you can follow me on fb my e mail is gkgif@ymail.com

    • honesty

      i think that christinna renee is really pretty and her baby father is cute i think that the baby girl they made is going to grow up with a bright life and be real smart and have a greate story to tell people