Poll: Is 14 Too Young To Have Sex?

Khloe Kardashian was on The View yesterday, where she divulged the fact that she first had sex at 14. And she regrets it. More than that, she said it was “not normal.” What do you think, Crushable readers? Is 14 too young to have sex?

We’ve put the video at the end of this post, which you can check out. But here are some of the highlights. Namely, she wishes it hadn’t happened. According to Khloe:

“He was only I think, 18, but for 14 to 18 now looking back, I think that’s not a normal thing,”
Khloe says she felt like her boyfriend at the time pressured her to have sex:
“I feel like I was almost conned, not conned, but like you know persuaded because he was older and I felt that I wouldn’t be accepted or cool or whatever.”
But beyond the specific dude being creepy, Khloe says she just wasn’t ready to have sex:
“But then I do remember when I was done…I felt so disgusted with myself…I didn’t have sex for three years after that…cause I knew I was young. I knew I wasn’t ready…I should have listened to my parents,” the 26-year-old socialite said.
What do you think? Is 14 too young to have sex? Or, was this a situation of a girl letting herself be influenced by a dude. In a different situation, is sex between a 14 year old and an 18 year old totally fine?

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    • Mo P

      I was 21 my first time. Maybe that’s old, but if I started when I was 14, I can’t even imagine how many diseases I’d have by now.

    • Marjolein

      14 is too young. I think a lot of girls don’t really know what it really means, and aren’t ready yet, even though they feel ready. I was 16, and was sure I was ready. I knew I was ready a long time before it happened. But looking back I regret my eagerness and willingness. Maybe if I had waited longer, I would have felt better about it.

    • imtolazytothinkofaname

      I am currently 14 and think it is way too young. I personally am going to wait until marriage to have sex, and that is for many reasons, not just a religion thing. I wouldn’t trust some of the people I know who are also 14 to be home alone, let alone are they mature enough to have sex. I personally think I’m pretty mature for my age, even more so than my older friends, but I know that I would not be ready for sex, as most other 14 year olds aren’t, even if they think they are.

    • Sdh

      If both participants can get the needed protection and have an honest conversation about their wants and needs, then 14 is not too young. There are many people over 18 who cannot be responsible about their sexuality; it has more to do with your attitude than your age.

    • test name

      I am 36 and I wish I have sex when I’m ready

    • Maggiiee

      im 14 now and i have had sex, i just think if u think ur ready and have to the right guy who cares how old u r. ive had the same boyfriend for 2 yrs now so i dont care :)