Indie Darling Lena Dunham Gets Felt Up By The TSA

The ongoing problem of Transport Security Administration airport patdowns is only expanding. Over the weekend, a new mother missed her flight because TSA officials refused to let her bring unscanned breast milk onto her flight. Now indie filmmaker Lena Dunham has been felt up by the TSA.

This morning, the Tiny Furniture star and director got a first hand account of how personal TSA scans can get. As she tweeted:

Lena is currently working on an HBO pilot with Judd Apatow. But that doesn’t exclude her from getting rubdowns at airport security like everyone else. Though she admits it was her own fault for wearing a terrorist sweater:

And you know what, personal freedom experts? She kind of liked it:

Ok. Well maybe not so much on that last part.

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    • michaelpittsbabyfat

      Is this better or worse than pipe sex?

      • Meghan Keane

        michaelpittsbabyfat! You totally got marked as spam for that comment. I hope you appreciate Crushable moderators helping your pipe sex reference see the light of day.

      • michaelpittsbabyfat

        Thank you for your kindness, Meghan Keane.