R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen, Our Weird Celebrity Crush

I am not turning on the morning news today, because I don’t want to see any chyrons proclaiming “Surely Serious: Leslie Nielson dies at 84.” (Shame on you, NPR.) It’s sad that this actor’s trademark line from Airplane! is perhaps the only thing our generation can recall of him off the top of our heads, besides maybe snippets of the Naked Gun movies, or if we’re really terrible, Scary Movie 3.

Although Leslie Nielsen’s straight-man delivery in absurd slapstick situations may be his legacy to the American public, there are more layers to this Canadian-born actor than Zucker comedies. Like how about how sexy he was in 1956′s The Forbidden Planet? Below, our tribute to Leslie Nielsen: the man, the comedian, and the hottie. And we’re totally serious.

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