Avoid Black Friday: 50 Gifts Under $50

We’ve already shown you 25 cute gifts you can buy for under $25 on Black Friday without ever leaving the house. Now let’s push that up a notch: We’ve found another 25 gifts that are under $50, and still don’t require any movement on your part! That’s right, no getting trampled by hordes of people as you try to get through Best Buy’s doors at 5 a.m.! This black Friday, why don’t you just stay in your pajamas, have a cup of tea, and check out these awesome items that you can buy with a click of a button!

And don’t forget: leave your horror stories about Black Friday in the comments section on this post! Winner gets a grab bag of gifts from our Friday guides!

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    • GossipGurl

      Didn’t haven to me, but I knew a girl at the WalMart 2 years ago during the riots and she said that she didnt even know it was black friday until she read about it on the news later but she saw one of the men get stomped and had to jump out of the way and go home. All she wanted was to look at some speakers anyway lol

    • popfan

      What do I win? I camped out since 6 am to get a ticket for Best Buy, trying to get a Sony computer for two hundred dollars, but it turns out some people had been lining up since the night before. I waited 3 hours in freezing rain, and I didn’t even get a ticket. No computer for me, but I did get a couple itune gift cards for cheap, so that’s what everyone will be getting this christmas.

      • Blackfridaysucks

        u ppl are retarded. why are u gonna spend a special holiday with ur family out in the cold to get some discount on a sumb toy? Sorryfamily is more important than shopping.

      • Meghan Keane

        Blackfridaysucks, We made these so you don’t have to go into the cold to shop. (You can buy all of this stuff online)

    • Jamie

      Ok, some of these things are pretty cool. Screw shopping anywhere but online today.

    • Julie

      Somehow I feel like Daria would have been a fan of Buy Nothing day. Does the gift set include a bonus episode about how much Daria loves Naomi Klein and Adbusters?

    • melo

      I once went shopping on Black Friday with my sister. Which was awful. And then on the way back there was so much traffic. And my sister rear ended someone. And almost totaled the car.

    • Krissy

      Last year, I decided to subject myself to black friday shopping with some friends. We all thought it’d be fun to try it and funny to see everyone go crazy. Big mistake. I showed up at the mall and stood in line at 1:30am for 2 and a half hours in the rain and freezing cold. Oh, did I mention that it started sleeting about a half hour in? Cause it did. Finally they opened the doors to the mall. Only certain stores opened early, so we went to Macy’s because it was the closest (mostly cause we were wet and cold). As we were were walking, I essentially got body checked by a crazed mom shopping for presents because she was running to Macy’s too and apparently, I was in her way. So, after I cursed her out as she ran away, we walked into Macy’s, and it was like that scene in Mean Girls where the girls are all going crazy. People were yelling at each other, grabbing things, and I even saw someone punch someone because they grabbed the same thing. I could not believe this was happening. We start looking around, and I see a sweater I’d been looking at for a while and noticed it was on sale; so, I start to rummage for my size. Turns out, there was only 3 left in the size I wanted. As I find one, THE SAME CRAZY MOTHER WHO BODY CHECKED ME BEFORE pushes me from behind onto the ground and grabs the sweater and runs away again! Luckily I got one, but after that, I wanted to leave; after waiting in sleet for 2.5 hours, my friends were not leaving until they bought something. So I was forced to stay at the mall for SIX more hours until they got everything they wanted. Not like I didn’t get stuff myself, but I would have preferred to do it online or when it wasn’t like a riot going on… Oh, and turns out someone reported that crazy lady to security because she was assaulting people all over the store, not just me, & she got escorted out AS we were leaving the store; she spotted me and proceeded to scream and curse me out like it was MY fault she got asked to leave. What a great day…not…I refuse to go Black Friday shopping since that experience.

    • cindy champion

      I once had to work a Black Friday at Fred Meyer and saw some craziness at 5 am. I saw some women going nuts over socks. I luckily didn’t see any fights though. lol. It was crazy but instead of getting stressed I just chuckled to myself when someone would dive into a pile of socks to try to get the best ones.

    • Kristin

      One black Friday two years ago, I was shopping at Kohl’s for family presents. Everything seemed fine until we got to the appliance area. There was a big sale on some appliance everyone wanted and we could barely get through to look at some kitchen stuff. Annoying but not too bad – until it happened. Some lady was holding a long box, and we were talking up behind her. I said excuse me so she’d know I was there – but it didn’t matter! She swung the box around and clipped me on my head just above my eye! Blood started gushing out and I had to go get stitches.

    • Grammar girl

      Proper spelling is hordes.

      • Meghan Keane

        Thanks kindly, Grammar Girl. ;)

    • nat

      Sounds good to me. Thanks for doing all of the work for me.

    • brittany


    • Charley

      I am in love with the Superdry hobo scarf and the sock money slippers!

      As for Black Friday, this year was the best yet! I got EVERYTHING on my list AND spent it with my family…it’s just a fun way to get out there and deal shop. I am getting married/moving in with my future husband at the beginning of the year, so it was a great chance to buy household goods (Seriously – a toaster for $3? A crock pot for $2.97?) Plus there is an energy that runs through the crowds at 3am (though it might actually be described as sleep-deprived-sub-terrain- temperature-induced-delirium). Besides, this is just about the only day during the year that I actually shop in a bricks-and-mortar store (the UPS guy and I have gotten very close over the years).

    • DP

      I take the family to Florida every Thanksgiving, where my mother insists that we must go to the mall on Black Friday. Two years ago, we went to the mall and when we couldn’t find a parking spot, we decided to use the valet parking. Three hours later, we went to get the car and it seemed to take the valet a little while to find it. When he asked me what kind of car it was (a rental!!), I knew we were in trouble. They couldn’t find the car. Apparently there were several rental cars with identical looking keys and well, apparently the tag had fallen off the key ring. An hour later, I found the car in the parking lot and all we had to do was figure out which keys went with the car. What a horror!!