Thanksgiving Roundup: What To Read While Hiding From Your Family

Welcome to Thanksgiving. Are you currently trying to hide from your family, claiming you’ve got “homework” or an urgent email to send? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. A collection of Thanksgiving themed posts to distract you until dessert is ready. Enjoy!

First things first: Sam Sifton will be answering cooking questions all day long at The New York Times. His Thanksgiving 911 is always awesome. So tune in whenever you’re bored.

Your Thanksgiving Survival Guide: Vodka, Vodka, Vodka.

Check out The Awl’s Real American Thanksgiving Cookbook recipes.

A Guide To Spending Thanksgiving With Someone Else’s Family.

Illustrious Illustrations: The Web’s Most Awesome Hand Turkeys.

Thanksgiving: The Pot-Smoker’s Holiday

What To Wear To Avoid A Pat Down By The TSA.

5 Ways To Avoid Relatives’ Nosy Questions

Advice: what to do when you’re a Thanksgiving orphan

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