Crushable Quotable: David Arquette Is Mr. Fun Times, Chills With Oompa-Loompas

What is it about David Arquette that just seems to ooze desperation? I’ll admit, I had a weird sort of crush on him when he was the doofy Deputy Andy in Scream, but then came those string of AT&T commercials, and that time he thought he was a wrestler? Oh, wasn’t there also a movie that was like a second-rate Arachnophobia? Basically, being married to Courtney Cox was the only thing keeping David from teetering over the edge of clown-town to join his pals Carrot Top and Andy Dick.

But now that he’s single again, David’s trying to put the best spin on things, making himself out to be a fun-loving party boy who was being held back by the old ball-n-chain. From his appearance on Lopez Tonight:

“I’ve always been a wild man. My nickname was ‘David Good Times.’ I like running around, having fun…I like meeting people. I did that privately for a long time because I wasn’t ever going out. Now, I’m in the nightclub business. I’m going out.”

David, you know it doesn’t count as a nickname if you’re just saying it to your own reflection in a mirror, right? Maybe you should read your own dating advice.

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