Sex On The Wire: Don’t Tell The Internet Justin Bieber Gives You Boners

Harry Potter tools that can help with dating. Invisibility cloak! (YourTango)

• Oh good: the teacher who started dating one of her students in Texas is now pregnant. Does that mean she won’t get the death penalty. (ABC News)

• Hey Facebook users, do NOT click any links saying Justin Bieber Gets A Boner, as it is an outside app that will probably enroll you in NAMBLA. (Buzzfeed)

• Because someone in the world has to like him, here’s an open love letter to Jake Gyllenhaal. (Betty Confidenial)

David Arquette is either the worst single dude ever…or the best. (The Gloss)

• We can’t believe this video of a woman freaking out at a subway flasher isn’t actually a viral advert, but we love it all the same. (Jezebel)

Megyn Kelly poses for some sexy Fox shots in the new GQ. (Huffington Post)

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