Across the Pond: Wanting ‘The Wanted’

The Wanted, a London-based Brit-Irish pop group are currently creating great waves in the pop industry. Formed in 2009 before bursting onto the musical landscape earlier this year, this gorgeously talented band have acquired thousands of followers in the short space of a few months. Max George, Jay McGuiness, Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes make up this stylish five-piece and have already wowed audiences across the country. Their delectable debut ‘All Time Low’, is an up tempo slick production that hit the number one spot when it smashed into the UK music charts in August. Their eponymous album which made it to the top four, is a collection of polished, catchy tunes that belie their newbie musical status and constitute captivating listening.
Managed by the brilliantly formidable Jayne Collins (also creator of The Saturdays and a veteran for spotting ‘the next big thing’), the boys have already worked with some of the top producers and hit-makers on the music scene. Aligning themselves with the likes of Guy Chambers (Texas and Robbie Williams), Taio Cruz and Ed Drewett, The Wanted look set to notch up more smash singles.

The certainly have the hallmarks of a power-house band in waiting. Striking vocals and even more stunning looks (think ripped abs and smoldering looks) make success a given for this über cool band. They’re like a live ‘pick-and-mix’ box of treats. From the brooding Maximilian (I know, he sounds like Russell Crowe’s character from Gladiator), to the exotic eye-catching Siva, to the cool nonchalance of Nathan, there is something here for everyone. Highly personable and chock-full of effervescent energy, the boys are currently playing a country-wide tour that will no doubt add to their burgeoning fan-base. With more new material for imminent release, tantalizing tours to packed audiences in addition to the recent publication of their memoir, (which charts their fascinating journey to present day), this band is one to watch out for.

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    • A.Hudson

      These guys are seriously cute..! Max is my favorite ;-)

    • Jess

      These guys are awesome, so glad they’re touring the UK. Mind you, anyone backed by Jayne Collins is going to be huge. PS my fave is Siva ;-)

    • Bhavna

      Good looking, but they seem a bit young… Prefer Take That

    • panashe wanted

      these guys ared my role modles when ever i walk a shop people say you look like max george so u know keep up the good work…