Do High-Waisted Pants Look Good On Anyone?: A Shocking Expose

It took me until the beginning of college to realize the reason I hated jeans: I had been letting my mother pick out my clothes. After 18 years of mom jeans and slacks, the discovery of tight-fitting, low-slung pants was about as novel as the notion of hipsters.

But just as hipsters are no longer hip, so too are low waisted jeans going out of style. Or at least, that’s what some retailers want you to believe. Crushable’s Liana Maeby and I were dubious that high-waisted pants would ever make a comeback, but when American Apparel sent over a punch of their fall line: cardigans, man shirts, and these weird pants which somehow combine the stretchiness of jeggings with the tight, unforgiving waist of Dickie pants, we had to pull out our camera and reveal our inner Terry Richardson. So you tell us: Can anyone look good in mom jeans?

Results: As expected, small girls look good in anything. But I was surprised at how much I kind of dug the high-waisted David Bowie look. As long as you have shirts long enough to cover right below your boobs (where these pants basically start), the stretchy factor can really do things for your ass that low-slung jeans never could. That being said, it’s still really hard to breathe out.

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    • Laura

      As an average size girl with a high waist, I have been known to rock the high waisted pants, however I tend to stick with a striaght leg or trouser style, I have not rocked a high waisted skinny, but I imagine disaster.

    • Drew Grant

      you don’t need to imagine, Laura, the proof is right in front of you!

    • Liana Maeby

      That book is called “Sex Wars” btw. I have not read it.