American Women DO Like Flirting. They Just Don’t Like Dating.

Fear not flirters! Earlier this month, we picked up a study that claimed American women were totally lazy flirters, compared with other females worldwide. But now there’s another study that says we actually love to flirt. (Whew.) It’s just the dating that American women aren’t so into. Ok, this sounds more realistic.

According to a study done by Flirtomatic*, a mobile and online flirting service with over 3.5 million users worldwide, 65.9% of U.S. women  like to flirt any time or anywhere. What’s more, of those that differentiate between flirting and dating, 54% said that “flirting is sexier.”

Also, American flirters aren’t just looking for someone to hook up with. 14.5%  say they do because it puts them in a good mood, and 64.5% of Flirtomatic’s respondents flirt for the simple enjoyment of the act or to pass the time.

Bored flirting. Our favorite.

What’s more, most women prefer to flirt digitally.

“Almost two-thirds of people surveyed are most comfortable flirting virtually than in person. 59% of U.S. respondents said that they like to flirt on the Internet or mobile devices. Only 29%said were inspired to flirt around others. Bored, awake and horny were the other reasons cited, but digital accessibility trumped them all.”

I think I’d agree with that. Flirting through technology is so much less stressful than actually having to interact with someone. Though it sort of ruins the whole physical aspect of a relationship if you never actually interact IRL.

What do you think? Is it easier to flirt through digital tools or in person?

* FYI: I am unclear on whether you can outsource your flirting to Flirtomatic. Sorry.

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