More On Willow Palin’s Horrible Facebook Homophobia

Yesterday we mentioned the controversy that befell 16-year-old Willow Palin after she posted homophobic remarks on a Facebook thread about her mom’s new TLC show. The story’s been picking up steam in the national media, partly because of the lack of an official statement or apology from any of the Palins.

The Inter-quarrell began when one of the Palin kids’ Facebook friends updated his status to express his opinion that Sarah Palin’s Alaska “is failing so hard right now.” Bristol Palin responded immediately, and little sis Willow jumped in soon after. Willow used the words “faggot” and “gay” in the pejorative to attack kids who disparaged against her family’s TV efforts (Dancing with the Stars included). She also called one kid, named Matt “effin fat as hell,” to which he responded: “& hello nice to meet you too Willow, I have Crones (sic) disease and am steroids for my stomach causing me to gain weight. I take them twice a day to stay alive, I know I’m not the skinniest person alive, but you started the shit.”

Nice work! The body snarking and homophobia is awfully hypocritical coming from a family who has gone on the P.C. record with their dislike of the term “retarded.” We suppose “faggot” doesn’t quite make the cut of things that offend the Palins, though. So far the only member of the family to address the controversy has been Bristol, who said via her own Facebook page: “Willow and I shouldn’t have reacted to negative comments about our family. We apologize.” That’s a pretty far cry from an “It Gets Better” video, but then again, Bristol is awfully busy with lindy hop rehearsals, so who are we to judge.

Images of the entire exchange are available at the Huffington Post.

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