Gallery: Best of ‘Sassy’ Magazine Covers

So Jane Pratt, the editor of the late 80s/early 90s teen zine Sassy, may be launching a similar-themed magazine with tween fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson. That is the best news we’ve heard all year for the magazine world, because the sardonic writing and awesome spreads in Sassy were one of the biggest influencing factors for all of us here at Crushable. They were Jezebel, pre-Jezebel, but without as much politics. They were Nylon, but with funnier copy. They were, essentially, who we wanted to be. And oh yeah, they had the most amazing covers that amazingly stand the test of time. We dare you to tell us otherwise.

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    • Karol

      Pretty sure the Scott Wolf cover, and also the Reese+Marky cover, were from the time when Sassy started to suck. Maybe Jane left? Something like that, but it went from being edgy and awesome to typical and cheesy.

    • Mallory

      yeah, the reese and scott wolf cover were from when it started to suck. it’s funny because you can tell by covers, graphic design wise and the lack of anything interesting.