The Daily WTF: Canned Unicorn Meat, And This Time It’s Real!

You guys may remember that back in June, a group called ThinkGeek pulled a prank on everyone with their Unicorn Spam, which did not look delicious at all but did get them in trouble with the National Pork Board. But now Canned Unicorn  has been repacked and sold on the Internet, and the Spam people are powerless to stop them!

According to the (awesome) press release:

The original release of Canned Unicorn Meat earned ThinkGeek a 12 page cease-and-desist letter from the National Pork Board.  After apologizing, ThinkGeek took the extraordinary step of redefining the formula to eliminate any confusion between “The Other White Meat” and a mythical meat product which happened to be mostly sparkles and magic.

Each can of Canned Unicorn Meat contains six individual, plush pieces: a torso, four legs, and of course the head, complete with the magical horn still attached. The distinctive Radiant Farms logo will bring back fond memories of those bygone days of early 2010 when ThinkGeek announced the original formula and sparked a national debate on the status of mythical meat products.

Unicorn meat, it’s the perfect protein and it’s what’s for dinner!  Be warned… this meat is not approved by any government entity and is definitely not recommended for actual ingestion.

We bet rich people will buy this, because it’s rare and they’re not big on ingesting food, anyway. But it’s only $11.99, so it won’t break the bank for us poor folks, either. It is also an excellent source of sparkles, according to the website. We’re in!

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