Jennifer Aniston ‘Hangs Out’ At Nudist Resort

Oh, don’t take us so literally, you monkeys. Yes, Jennifer Aniston has been spending some time at the Paradise Valley Club and Resort, a nudist colony in Georgia, and yes, she’s become friendly with some of the natives…but it’s only for a role!

According to Life & Style magazine (which also helpfully supplied the pic), Jennifer spent her clothing-optional days on location for her new film Wanderlust fully dressed. She also seemed pretty confused about the nature of the resort her agent sent her to. According to nudist Randy Savage, Aniston didn’t realize the uh, specifics of her situation until they were up close and personal:

“Jen had her head down and got to within 10 feet of us and suddenly looked up and said, ‘My God, you’re naked.’…We said, ‘We’re the nudists!’ She said, ‘Oh, okay,’ and thought nothing of it.”

I wish that worked in real life. Go walk up to a celebrity, strip off your clothes, and tell them “Don’t worry, I’m the nudist!” They’ll totally think they’re shooting a scene they forgot about (celebrities! So crazy!) and let you rub up against them. Actually, I’m pretty sure that would work if you tried it with James Franco, but he’d want to film you first, and you might end up an extra on a daytime soap opera or worse…one of his student films.

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    • Randy Savage

      Just a couple of small corrections … Paradise Valley Resort & Club is located in Dawsonville, Georgia … not the Arizona resort by the same name. Also, Jennifer, the other stars and 17 nudists (including me) were located on set at an artist retreat in Clarksville, Georgia. Jennifer is a true professional, but was safely on a closed set when our encounter took place. Alan Alda is a hoot, he joked with us, and said he would also play his part nude, but differently … he would be naked UNDER his clothes. We all LOL.
      It was great people and great fun, I can’t wait for the movie to be released, so I can go laugh at my jiggly bits along with everyone else :)