Gleek of the Week: Gwyneth Paltrow Is Awesome AND Terrible!

I have to admit, I feel very conflicted about last night’s Glee. For one thing, Gwyneth Paltrow and her whole Country Strong routine reminds me of when young heiresses decide they want to be a clothing designer or “write a book.” Like, she got bored thinking up recipes for and exotic countries to talk about, and Iron Man 3 wasn’t shooting for a bit, so now she’s Jewel? But much like her flighty substitute teacher character, Holly Holiday, Gwyneth brought some light shining down onto what were otherwise stale numbers, and for that reason she’s both a winner AND a loser for Biggest Gleek of the Week! And that will be our theme: a joining of both the best and the worst character development in The Substitute!

Gwyneth Paltrow: I so strongly expected to hate Gwyneth that after her “Forget You” Cee Lo butchering was released as a teaser last week, I was ready to chalk this whole episode up to a big mistake. But she didn’t totally suck, she could dance passably well, and what she lacked in vocal range she made up in some pretty funny segments. Sure, she didn’t write the dialogue herself, but having her dress up as a bipolar Mary Todd Lincoln was a nice reminder that the actress wasn’t all Goop.

“Forget You.” Never Forget. Also, you and Schue were kind of made for each other (see: their faces during Singing In the Rain/Umbrella), and I don’t mean that in a nice way. I mean that in a “you both get on my nerves” way.

Mr. Shue: For all his dorky love of Journey songs and Singing In the Rain mashups, Mr. Schue did some awesome Gene Kelly routines this week. Say what you will, but his back-flips off the sets with Asian Mike in their Make ‘Em Laugh number reminded me that he was like, in Stomp or something. Good job, Shue!
BUT: Ugh, another Terri plotline? I was seriously not feeling the sex scene that began with Vicks VapoRub and Schue referring to himself as “Baby.” As in “Baby wuvs to be weally, weally cweepy.”

Kurt: Haha, Kurt has a tiny little purse coming out of his mouth! And he’s finally telling Mercedes that she needs to get her own plot line love life, and stop using him as a boyfriend stand-in.
BUT: I’m kind of conflicted with how hard they are pushing the Kurt/Blaine thing. It’s a little bit insulting, right? I mean, a tiny little purse came out of his mouth. That’s how gay you are acting, Kurt, and we know you are excited to find a kindred spirit, but your homosexuality is like Rachel’s singing: We applaud it, but when it becomes the crux of the entire show, it’s a little grating.

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