5 Facts About 16 And Pregnant’s Markai Durham

The second half of the new season of 16 And Pregnant has gotten off to a slow start. But MTV more than made up for that last night, by introducing the world to Markai Durham. The now 20 year old is beautiful, intriguing and seemingly intelligent. And yet, there were multiple times last night where I had to turn away from the screen because of something repulsive or idiotic that she said or did. But I was more engaged in her episode than I have been yet this season. Meaning? She’ll likely be signed on for the second season of Teen Mom.

What were some of the things we learned about Markai last night? Oh, just that she loves white boy dreads, eating soap and domestic violence. Carry on!

1. Markai had a drug problem before she got pregnant.

From Starcasm:

“According to her Formspring, ‘only once a day when I went out at night,’ and confesses that she once overdosed on X pills over a guy!”

Meanwhile, she considers herself bisexual (but is on hiatus from acting on that because she’s in a relationship). Also of note: she slept around a lot before meeting her boyfriend James (though she regrets that now).

2. Despite appearances, Markai’s boyfriend is actually caucasian.

Markai’s boyfriend James has intense dreads, which are all the more noticeable because he is also white. Apparently, he grew up in a very black neighborhood. And while it may at first seem like he’s trying to be black, after watching a whole episode, it seems like something else is going on. For instance, MTV needs to use subtitles to translate when he speaks. Maybe James is just creating a new ethnicity?

Meanwhile, James’ parents kicked him out of the house when he got his black girlfriend Markai pregnant. But unlike other baby daddies on this show, James actually seems to want to be a good dad. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to be a job. At first it seems like a lack of trying. But maybe not. Witness this explanation from his friends (also helpfully subtitled).

“They ain’t trying to hire you. Especially you.”
“You white. With dreads.”

It’s hard out there for white dreaded pimp, man.

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    • Quiouna Taylor

      I loved Markai’s part of 16 and pregnant only if i were in her home town wen that black dude showed up he was so fine anywhom i hope my girl Markai is not a singal parent she is to gud for dat James get yo stuff togetha and do the right thins she needs you and that babi does to and tell yo friend to kaw me 9014835694 TN number hit me up James friend

      • hjp

        Wow you need to head back to school. It is not wen it is when. good is not spelled gud. that is not dat. together and not togetha. baby not babi. not yo but your and its call not kaw you dumb fucking hood rat. putting your number on the internet damn you are dumb

    • Duwana hallum

      Love the show@u r in my prayers!

    • Celina

      who cares if James has dreads. he is the best dad i’ve seen this season. besides, i think the way he speaks and his hair has nothing to do with trying to be anything. i dont think he’s being fake or anything. i grew up in oakland, ca and all of us speak the same: white, black, brown, asian, or whatever. i wish Markai and James the best!

    • Palmer Huff

      Do Markai and James have any plans to write a parenting book and/or film?

    • Keymarie

      I think this wus the best episode its real n it shows why teens shouldnt ever rush in relationships n srtaight up fuck cuz then shit like this happen it dont look fun n definitely wasnt cool. But this episode wus interseting it taught me a lesson n I learn alot bout these men fir real.

      • HJP

        I think you mean “was” not wus