Worst Satirical Acting Of the Day: The Situation Or Ashton Kutcher?

Today, two amazing viral videos were released. Sorry, did I say amazing? I meant “clunky” and “poorly-scripted, directed, and acted.” One of these videos has Ashton Kutcher pretending to be a Harvey Levin-type, except in his world, celebrities are the ones who report on the scandals of…wait for it…TMZ employees! Get it? Get it?! Almost as clever as the Selebsuit!

The other video is for Candie’s Foundation, and stars The Situation trying to bone Bristol Palin, despite numerous rebuffs. Because she is abstinent until marriage now, and also because it’s a really handy excuse when getting hit on by sleazy guys. I think I’ll try it sometime. “Sorry, I’m Bristol Palin-ing myself until marriage.”

These are both terrible, terrible videos starring two ridiculously smug individuals who need that undeserved smirk smacked off their faces. But which is worse? Only their gods (and you!) can answer that.

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