Love It Or Leave It: Rihanna’s Long Red Locks

Just when we thought her fire engine red locks couldn’t get any bolder, Rihanna has gone and extended them all the way down her back. While we’re kind of suffering from bright-celeb hair overload, we actually like this choice better than the short-haired version. Also, since we’re here, we feel like we should comment on our girl’s undies-over-tights look. Super Rihanna? Able to leap whole octaves in a single bound? Sure.

What do you think of the singer’s new look? Let us know in the comments.

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    • Destinee

      idk wtf is goin on with her everyone goes thru a faze but she looks like da black female ronald mcdonald. i like her but dis hair is jus not for her

    • Chrisbrown4ever

      Personally I think Rhianna is a hoe. I mean first she’s tries to get with Beyonce’s man Jay-Z. Now she its trying to mess up Chris Brown’s career. Chris was doing just fine when Rhianna was not in his life. And why is everyone calling Rhianna a beauty? She is not built, she can hardly sing and when she does its always about doing some guy. And don’t even get me started in that red hair of jets. I mean really what was she thinking? Anyways that’s all I haver to day about the “beautiful” Rhianna.