Exclusive: Justin Bieber Offers Airport Security His Abs

Huffington Post contributor and friend of Crushable Andrea Chalupa just texted us from JFK: “Just went through airport security with Justin Bieber. He was in front of me in line and joked to the TSA lady: ‘Wanna see my abs?’ Funny kid.” After the news of his flashing Rihanna broke today, we’re now convinced that Justin Bieber is pumping himself up to be the next Situation.

Even weirder was how Justin was flying just like a normal person, says Andrea, “It was just me, Bieber, his chill polite bodyguard who let me go ahead of him, and like 8 other people in line.” Bieber was then seen to pull up his hoodie and walked into the gift store.

We have to wonder about what the airport security lady was thinking. Did she recognize him, or just think he was a weird 16-year old who was hitting on her? The TSA employee apparently just smiled at Justin’s offer and “went back to yelling about taking off shoes and jackets.”

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