Video: SNL Spoofs ’16 And Pregnant’

If there are certain shows that we at Crushable take very seriously, it would be teen mom shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. These young ladies amount to both a cautionary tale and a sort of schadenfreude water cooler talk: something we can all relate to while at the same time feeling better about ourselves because we, unlike Amber Portwood, did not beat up her baby daddy on camera. (We would have waited until the season ended.)

So there were reservations when Saturday Night Live and Scarlett Johansson poked fun at our guilty little pleasure this weekend:

On the one hand, we would definitely watch a show where Snooki and bratty teenage girls celebrated their pregnancy with the glee usually reserved for taking shots in Cabo. On the other hand: these women don’t get to be happy! The whole point is that their lives our worse than our, right?

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