Thanksgiving: The Pot-Smoker’s Holiday

Thanksgiving is coming up in two weeks, which means for most of us it’s time to pack all our dirty laundry for mom to do, stock up on Valium, and head home to see the family. As you grow older though, something strange happens: Thanksgiving is no longer about listening to your parents fight with your grandma, or the last minute rush after the oven stops working and you need to put the turkey in the neighbor’s stove. No, Thanksgiving has been deemed the official holiday made possible by marijuana.

It makes perfect sense. Take the most stressful holiday – the one that involves the most cooking, the most amount of people over for a sit-down, potentially volatile meal – and add a little bit of weed to the mix? Well, suddenly the thought of eating 20 pounds of turkey and mashed potatoes seems awesome.

Then there’s the parental issue: I’m not sure if this happens in the majority of households, but I’m willing to bet if you did a study about kids that split an occasional spliff with mom and dad, you’d find that the majority of them started the tradition one Thanksgiving after graduating high school or college and coming home. It implies you are an adult who can finally see your parents as people too, not the strict enforcers who grounded you when they found out you drank vodka on prom night.

Don’t just listen to me, just look at movies like The Family Stone, Home for the Holidays, or most flashbacks in Six Feet Under, all of which feature adults partaking in a little peace-pipe smoking with their children. I’m not endorsing doing drugs under your parent’s roof, of course, but if you’re going to be smoking (or eating) weed anyway this holiday season, consider making it a family affair. Worst-case scenario: your parents freak out, you laugh it off as a joke, and you sit down for your awkward meal after toking by yourself. Best case? You’ve created a new family tradition, everyone gets the munchies, and you spend the entire dinner laughing and stuffing your faces. And isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?

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