Disney To Demi Lovato: Get Your Act Together. Or Get Replaced.

The Disney brand made Demi Lovato, and it’s willing to move on without her too. Demi is currently in rehab (for cocaine abuse or cutting, depending on who you believe), and The Mickey Mouse network has announced that it will continue filming her TV show, “Sonny With a Chance,” without its star.

According to Variety, with Demi out of the picture for the moment, the producers are going to focus on “the show-within-a-show, the comedy/sketch/music-variety ‘So Random!’”

That may make the most sense for the franchise, but this kind of maneuver gives credence to the claim by Demi’s father that it was pressures from the people at Disney that sent Demi to rehab.

From Variety:

“With no timetable for Lovato’s return, and with production looming on season three, the cabler and exec producers Brian Robbins, Sharla Sumpter Bridgett, Michael Feldman and Steve Marmel came up with the “So Random!” idea as a temporary solution.”

They won’t begin filming this version of the show until January, but it sends a very clear message to the pop starlet. If she can’t shape up, she will be replaced. If Disney producers can create an entire series without its star now, they can easily find a cute girl to replace her down the road.

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    • pat

      People on cocaine don’t get into rehab looking that good.

    • demiandselenabiggestfan

      i know also listen demi lovato will not get replaced she is a amasinfg gifted actor and so is selena you here right ok