Crush Links: Taylor Momsen Has Daddy Issues. Rehab Next?

Taylor Momsen has daddy issues. The Gossip Girl star says its her parents fault she’s such a moody teen. They made her start working at the age of two. (celebuzz)

Speaking of estranged family, Demi Lovato supposedly called her dad from rehab. (Radar)

Oh wait, no she didn’t. (NYP)

And Lindsay Lohan‘s dad, Michael Lohan, is another obsessive Dad who won’t go away. He may have reconciled with Lindsay from rehab. Again. (People)

OR. Lindsay had dental surgery and refused painkillers. What a trooper. (Radar)

Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood says losing her baby is “lowest of the low.” (US)

Meanwhile, another Teen Mom star, Farrah Abrahms, says rumors that she abused her daughter Sophia are false. (ONTD)

Remember Angelina from The Jersey Shore’s reported rap song “I’m Hot”? Well, there’s audio. She kind of sounds like a ghetto Ke$ha. We didn’t know that was possible. (TMZ)

Avril Lavigne is back with a new album. And she’s written/produced songs for the first time. That could be bad… (Vulture)

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