Vaseline and Bloggers Make For Some Slippery Campaigns

The New York Times today had a lengthy article on Vaseline’s new Internet campaign to target bloggers to tell their dry skin stories. Three of these writers were then picked to be “official spokespeople” for Vaseline Intensive Rescue skin cream, going around to outdoor events and shilling the petroleum jelly. You know, bloggers favorite activities like ski competitions, marathons, and polar-bear swimming. Did we mention two of the winners were mommy bloggers?
While we can understand while Vaseline would get excited by the prospect of using “new media” to pick three bloggers to become spokepeople for dry skin. But then there’s this:

“(The company would) crawl the Internet for conversations around words like “dry skin,” “lotions” and “skin issues,” and to scan blogs and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for conversations people were having about those topics.”

You know who else trolls the Internet for those keywords? Buffalo Bill. Plus, bloggers seem to be an odd choice here: How can they have dry skin if they never leave their house?

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