Video: Canada’s Version of ‘Jersey Shore’ Has a Jew, Pole, Lebanese Gay

Oh man, way to screw it up again, Canada! We get the dollar, you have your silly half dollars. We have Budweiser, you have Molson. And while we have the Jersey Shore guidos, you’re scrambling to create a second-rate rip-off called Lake Shore. The difference being that MTV’s staying power was its ability to offensively-portrayed ethnic group, while you Canucks seem intent on including them all and hoping someone, somewhere gets mad.

Man, if only that gay guy had red-hair instead of Lebanese. Then you’d have a whole State sketch!

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    • Laura

      As a Proud Canuck, we do many things wrong, but your beer sucks, budweiser sucks, granted Molson sucks, but nonethless, rag on many things not the beer.

    • Jason

      Since no network has picked this show up at this time (my understanding), I find it hard pressed to see a network picking this show up. Canadian sponsers will likely shy away from a show of this nature going by the trailer/content due to potential negative feedback and outlash by Canadians in being such a multi-cultural country.

    • Cruising

      Why did they post an ad for Semester at Sea instead of information about the show?

    • hbomb

      half dollar? Your country is now owned by China. How bout referring to your ‘American’ dollar as Yen from now on when comparing it to our ‘half dollar’..douchbag.

    • hbomb

      and budweiser is garbage