Poll: What Did You Think Of The ‘Conan’ Premiere?

Conan premiered last night, you guys! And what did we get for all that anticipation? Well, the Masturbating Bear made an appearance, as did the grimy L.A. River. Conan O’Brien‘s first guests were Seth Rogen (who was adorably nervous), Lea Michelle (who was mostly likable!) and Jack White (who was just Jack White). Conan was his own musical guest, accompanying Jack on a Nashville-twangy song.

The show lived up to its eponymous title as nearly all the jokes focused on Conan’s Tonight Show debacle — which is to say the content was primarily about the host himself. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Conan’s brand of humor has always made himself the mode for delivering jokes. As opposed to a Letterman or a Leno, known for their monologues, or a Fallon whose sketch background means his strength is the characters he becomes, Conan makes people laugh most when he’s using his lanky limbs to dance or mocking his own shortcomings. He was at the top of his game after the Tonight Show controversy went down and he’s been thriving on the self-depricating fodder ever since. (I saw him on his live tour over the summer — it was mostly the same kind of self-mocking jokes, but still totally enjoyable.) At times the way Conan exaggerates the NBC kerfuffle in front of an audience he’s still a billion times more privileged than borders slightly on sanctimony, but the content is funny enough to make it worthwhile.

Bottom line: We all like Conan, and we know he’s super fun to watch. And now he’s got the freedom of more creative control. As long as the anti-NBC jabs die down soon (which I assume they will), I see no reason Conan won’t be just as awesome as everything he’s done up to this point. Team Coco all the way!

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