Across the Pond: Queen’s Love and Musical Sisters

The reach of Facebook is gargantuan. It seems the Queen too, is not averse to social networking. Already with active Twitter, Flickr and Youtube accounts, she joined Facebook today. It was certainly hotly anticipated. Within hours of ‘The British Monarchy’ page going live at 8:00am today (GMT), nearly 50,000 people joined to know more about one of the most popular families in the UK and beyond. Her Royal Highness needn’t worry about Facebook etiquette. As it is a fan page rather than a regular interactive ‘friend’ account, the purpose of the page will be to offer updates on Royal news and events. If you’re a fan of the Royals (in particular, the affably handsome Princes William and Harry), this is a page that should be earmarked. Whilst I don’t expect the Royal one to poke any of her burgeoning followers, I do look forward to hearing more about life behind closed doors. Your Majesty – welcome to the world of Facebook.

Moving onto music news, what happens when two band members go head to head? This past week saw the pop-tastic showdown of two former band-mates Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle, rendering the musical landscape to be infinitely more interesting. Part of a five-piece and winners of the UK talent show Pop stars: The Rivals in 2002, the band saw amazing success notching up millions in album sales (all of which have gone platinum). Fast-forward to 2010. Whilst both parties deny that their band, ‘Girls Aloud’ has disbanded, they nonetheless eschew a reunion, which now seems more unlikely than ever.

Cheryl has seen gargantuan success as a judge on The X Factor, is one of the most popular celebrities in England and is now also a solo artist in her own right. Nadine on the other hand temporarily stepped away from the limelight and flexed her entrepreneurial muscles with the opening of her pub, ‘Irish Mist’ in Sunset Beach, California. Ramping up her PR over the past fortnight with TV gigs and live performances unfortunately had minimal impact on single sales. Cheryl trounced Nadine by massively outselling her rival (Cheryl’s single dropped to number two in charts while Nadine’s debut lay languishing at 26). I have seen Nadine perform live and have to agree with the well publicized notion that Nadine is ‘the voice’ of ‘Girls Aloud’; she has tremendous vocals and fantastic stage presence. I would hate to incur the ire of Cheryl Cole fans, but I really do think Nadine has the better voice than Cheryl. So what now for Girls Aloud and Nadine? I predict more solo offerings, from Nadine, Cheryl and the other remaining band-mates. Bring it on…

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    • A.Hudson

      Wow, Queen’s on Facebook huh – just joined her page. If it means more of William/Harry, that’s cool by me – thanks for sharing!

    • Bhavna

      Cheryl Cole has been in the spotlight for much longer, little surprise that she trumped her former band-mate. I still prefer Nadine’s single to Cheryl’s though…