Crushable’s 2010 Holiday Movie Guide

  • I Love You Phillip Morris – December 3
  • Are you ready to see Jim Carrey kiss Ewan McGregor? Carrey plays a happily married man, who realizes he’s gay after a car wreck leads to an epiphany. He leaves his wife, played by Leslie Mann, then turns to cons and fraud to make money and live life to the fullest. When he is caught and sent to prison, he meets his true love, Phillip Morris, played by McGregor. In addition to the fact that the movie continues to get delayed mostly because of its subject matter, I’m also intrigued to see if Jim Carrey can pull off a role without screaming, beating himself up, and making stretchy faces.

    Finland, why are you doing this!? The movie is set on Christmas Eve in a small Finnish town where someone finds and sells the real and buried Santa Clause and tries to sell him at a very steep price. But Santa’s elves find out what they’re doing and start to capture children as hostages to prevent the sale of their leader. I understand this is supposed to be some comical Finnish moral lesson and a play on how greedy humans now are, but I’m not sure Americans are ready to see see a dead frozen Santa Clause chained up in a creepy Finnish warehouse while they chew on candy canes. But who knows!

    Another movie where a hot guy, played by Johnny Depp, falls for a hot girl, played by Angelina Jolie. But that’s way too simple of a plot for those two stars. So here, Angelina is involved in some Italian mafia stuff. And of course, Johnny Depp gets confused for a criminal when he’s seen with her. But he isn’t?
    Except he might be. As far as I can tell, this movie might just be a reason for Jack Sparrow to look hot and Angelina to play her classic sultry bad girl character. Gag me, Angie.

    Do you like robots, futuristic clothes, and Daft Punk? Then go see Tron! Garrett Hedlund plays a good-looking, rebellious 27 year old whose father, played by Jeff Bridges, who has been mysteriously missing for 20 years. When Garrett’s father starts sending him strange signals, he learns that his father isn’t gone – he was just looking in all the wrong places. The movie leads you into the digital world where his father has been trapped all that time. It’s only fitting that Daft Punk is doing the soundtrack for this movie.
    The costumes are awesome, the music is awesome and the movie overall looks…well, awesome. Just because it’s a Disney movie doesn’t mean the theater won’t be filled with teenagers to middle aged Daft enthusiasts. Check out the Tron: Legacy theme song below.

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