Sex on the Wire: Kat Dennings’ Salacious Cam Shots

• We’re dubious of this case study where one woman claims she spent $5,648 on dates in one year…and that’s not even going dutch! (Money Bundle)

• A great interview with Kyle Allums, a transgendered NCAA athlete at George Washington University who can’t take testosterone treatments because it’s against Division 1 basketball policy. (Lemondrop)

• Does “Almost Cheating” count as cheating? Depends who you ask. (Hint: Do not ask the person you almost cheated on). (College Candy)

• 10 simple rules for going up to a guy and saying “I like you.” (The Frisky)

• A same-sex couple get on Israel’s Dancing With the Stars. (The Gloss)

• Oh no! Naked Kat Dennings photos! There’s also naked Jessica Alba shots so pick your poison, we guess. (Buzzfeed)

• Doctors are saying that teen girls are pretty ignorant when it comes to stuff about their bodies. Uh yeah, that’s how we get shows like Teen Mom. (USA Today)

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