Star Shrinking: Billy Ray Cyrus’ Divorce Is Bad News For Miley

Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Tish have been in the news quite a bit since filing for divorce. In addition to ending a 17-year old marriage, there are rumors that Tish has been cozying up to various paparazzi. As well as Rock of Love star Brett Michaels. Another rumor circulating is that the couple’s divorce stems from putting Miley’s career before their own relationship. We decided to ask our favorite psychotherapist, Dr. Gilda Carle, what kind of effect that could have on the teenage pop star. And the prognosis isn’t good.

According to FOX, one of Tish’s friends says that “Billy Ray Cyrus is very cold. He’s obsessed with business, making money and Miley’s career, but not his marriage. The National Enquirer is spreading the same rumor:

“The fight over Miley is what tore Tish and Billy Ray apart. They can’t agree on how to raise her, and it’s wrecked their marriage,” says an unnamed ‘insider.’”

According to Dr. Gilda, that could be very dangerous:

“Now she takes on the onus of her parents’ divorce.”

This could continue, becuase both of Miley’s parents have entwined their fortunes to hers. But Billy Ray especially has spent the last few years blurring the line between friend and parent, accompanying Miley to events and supporting all of her risque decisions. In this situation, parents acting like friends could get very complicated:

“That’s the problem with making your daughter your friend rather than being friendly towards her. There’s a big problem with parents who would like to think of themselves as their children’s friends.”

A persistent rumor about Tish is that she’s been flirting pretty outrageously with all males she comes into contact with. Dr. Gilda says that’s pretty standard in a situation like this:

“There is a triangle between mother and father and daughter. The father became a friend to the daughter. The mother thought she was being ousted. So she took up with somebody who would pay her more attention. Whether they actually did the deed or not, she was feeling abandoned. Everyone could see that he was chummy with his daughter. From a physcotherapist point of view, that’s a definite no-no. It’s wonderful to be there for your child. It’s wonderful to give her 100% support. But it’s not wonderful for the child to almost romanticize her father.”

Should we expect Miley to rebel more in the wake of her parents’ divorce?

“Hasn’t she been acting out already? The divorce didn’t happen just over night. The acting out was definitely as a result of all the things that have been going on in her house that nobody else knew about.”

That sounds bad. Worse?

“This kid has more issues that she has to resolve because of this than anybody could imagine.”

You can learn more about Dr. Gilda on her website

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    • Goldfish-xx-

      i think that it is not mileys fault so everyone should just back off nd let billy nd tish sort things out!<3